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Data acquisition (DAQ) system - realtime multi channel - hardware and software

Data acquisition (DAQ) system - realtime multi channel - hardware and software

Purpose of this system is acquiring multiple data from exist sensing system which is transmitting data on serial port. This hardware is for two channel RS232 data receiving and on request base sending this data on physical serial port in real-time operation. Like when user will send 1 on serial port this system will reply sensing data as on channel 1 and as well as when user will transmit 2 on serial port system will reply data as on second channel. We can also extend channels up to 12 channels. USB communication is also possible with PL232 chip which is converting serial data into USB virtual serial port.

Firmware part is mainly on software base serial data reading and sending it to hardware serial port. USB communication can be also programed by using some bootloder firmware.

Software was done in visual basic with reporting tool, this one is for label printing but as on custom need we can make it as per requirements. Saving data in mdb database with date stamp, reporting and printing feature is also there.

Schematic, PCB diagram and Firmware is available on request basis. You can test this system by using terminal with this settings, Com Port: As hardware is connected | Baud Rate: 9600 | Data Bits: 8 | Parity: None | Stop Bits: 1 | Handshaking : None

Your suggestions are valuable for me.

Hardware Configuration:
 - ATMega 8 with internal 8 MHz Oscillator
 - Max232 for TTL to RS-232 Communication
 - PL232 if we are using USB communication
 - Sensing Board

User Operations:
 - Custom made software to gathering data.
 - User can add, edit and delete data.
 - Printing options.

Contact me:
 - arshad.pathan(at)gmail.com

Thanks for your attention.

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