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Excel - Cursor & Cell not Moving?

in my excel spreadsheet I used to be able to enter a number then use my arrow key to move one cell to the right and then enter the next number.

Now when I enter a number in a hightlighted cell and use the arrow key to move one cell to the right the cell does not move my page shifts to the right but the highlighted cell stays in the same spot.

I must of hit some kind of key combination to cause this. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Check your Scroll Lock on your keyboard... is it on?


Roberta wrote to say that her arrow keys and Enter key were not working as she expected in Excel. It seems that they didn't move to the next cell, as she expected, but moved to the "next page."
Without a complete examination of the system, this could be caused by any number of conditions. First, if the worksheet is protected in some manner, it could be that the keys are working exactly as they should. What could be happening is that the next unprotected cell—where you enter your input—is being selected, and that cell happens to be on the next page.
If the problem occurs in brand new, blank worksheets, it could be due to a macro that is running when you first start Excel. If you start Excel without any add-ins or hidden workbooks, it may solve the problem. (The online help system, as well as past issues of ExcelTips, includes information on how to start Excel so that add-ins and hidden workbooks don't load.)
You could also check the status of your Scroll Lock key. If it is selected (a light on your keyboard should indicate if it is), then Excel can appear to do some very funny things when it comes to moving from cell to cell.
Finally, make sure that you check the configuration settings within Excel that control how the Enter key works. You get to these in versions of Excel prior to Excel 2007 by choosing Tools | Options and clicking on the Edit tab. The Move Selection After Enter setting controls what happens whenever you press Enter. In Excel 2007 you click the Office button | Excel Options | Advanced | Editing Options. The After Pressing Enter Move Selection setting controls what happens whenever you press Enter.


If you are ever using Excel and the arrow keys don't work like you think they should, it could be because of the Scroll Lock key. Normally, when you press an arrow key, Excel moves the cell highlight in the direction of the key you pressed. If the Scroll Lock key has been activated, however, Excel doesn't move the cell highlight, it instead moves the worksheet, changing what is displayed on the screen.
To solve this odd behavior, simply press on the Scroll Lock key another time. The arrow keys should again behave as you expect them to.

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