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Windows 8 User Designed concept video - amazing or fail?

Dubbed the Copenhagen user experience, the following video is supposed to be a concept for a future generation of Windows – namely Windows 8. I was a bit surprised to see many Windows 7 concepts included so I contacted the creator, who confirmed that some concepts were adapted straight from Windows 7. The concept seems to be one year in the making.
Copenhagen shatters the composite prototypical event patterns people have developed for their OS, Windows.
Copenhagen is a User Experience concept that I designed. It is unique in the fact that it manages to bring together classic design, contemporary design, usability, and art.
There are also some similar Bumptop characteristics in the video. The scraps idea really caught my interest but the portable start menu and taskbar seemed too prone to accidental clicking.
Looks decent on video but will it work in practice? Let us know in the comments.

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