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Revised Pay Calculator, Arrears calculator after cabinet approval

After cabinet approval of modified 6th pay commission report, here you can check your actual pay hike with most trusted pay calculator and arrears calculator.

This sixth pay commission pay calculator taken into account following modification

1. Fitment factor is 1.86 (changed from 1.74)
2. Fixed pay increment rate of 3%, only in month of July
3. Lowest transport allowance of Rs. 600/- instead of Rs. 400/-
4. DA rates taken as -
0% -> from 1.1.2006;
2% -> from 1.7.2006;
6% -> from 1.1.2007;
9% -> from 1.7.2007;
12% -> from 1.1.2008
16% -> from 1.7.2008 onwards

Just put your pay data in the excel file here in zoho sheet (no need to download the excel file.

Government has not changed the grade pay. Grade pay is same as it is recommended by original 6th pay commission report.

You can also calculate your in-hand salary after paying income tax by this calculator

New pay calculator and arrears calculator is here below(wait for about one minute for loading )put your pay data in it.

* this information is not verified by me. i got this information from other web page.

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