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How to patch up your UXtheme.dll file in XP home or pro

In order to use custom themes or MSStyles on your computer you need to patch up your Uxtheme.dll file. Otherwise you can only use signed themes that are created by Microsoft.

*Replacing system files is not always dangerous but if you want you might want to set a restore point.

Note: There are two ways to accomplish this please try the 1st one first then if you are unsuccessful then you can try the 2nd one.

1st Method

Just download this multipatcher (no matter what service pack you have) and it might do the job for you!


2nd Method

1. Okay first you need to find out which Service Pack you are running. To do this simple start the Start Menu > Run and copy pest this command.


2. Now you have some downloading to do.

First get: The appropriate Uxtheme.dll file
If you are running Service Pack 1 then get
Service Pack 1 file.
If you are running Service Pack 2 then get
Service Pack 2 file.

3. Unzip the file to your desktop

4. Now you need to download the Replacer(I recommend getting a stable version). The replacer efficiently replaces your system files and is supposed to be completely safe. This program also backs up your file in case you need to revert the changes.

5. Unzip the Replacer to your desktop. Make sure you read the "readme" because it has some important tips on how to revert those changes that you made.

Now you are ready to replace your uxtheme.dll file

1. Now double click on the replacer file (replacer.cmd)

2. Then it will ask you to drag and drop the original system file you want to replace. So go to the System32 folder and somewhere near the bottom you are going to see the uxtheme.dll file. Drag and drop it into the window.

Note: your computer may have more than 1 uxtheme.dll file but usually the file that you computer is using is the one in the system32 folder. (usually the location for your Uxtheme.dll file is C:\WINDOWS\system32\uxtheme.dll)

3. Press Enter

4. Then it will ask you to drag the file you want to replace. Open the folder with the downloaded file and drag and drop the file into replacer.

5. Now it will ask you to confirm that you want to replace the files or not. So double check and then press enter.

Replacer will now swap your original file with the new one. Now restart your computer.

Congratulations you can now use custom msstyle themes on your computer. Which is going to make your computer look super cool!

To change your theme just right click on desktop» properties» appearances tab» Windows and buttons

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