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Lovely Windows Shortcuts

Windows comes packed with a bunch load of small shortcut key strokes that enact the same commands available in the menus of a program. They are quicker and more direct, and usually involve two or three keys depressed simultaneously.Quite a few of them are listed in the Windows Manual ,but hardly anyone refers to the manual.Here are some important shortcuts which will enhance your Windows experience.

1. WindowsKey + d = >Minimizes all applications and open windows to reveal the desktop.

2.WindowsKey + L => Logs you off and lets you switch users.

3. Ctrl+Esc immediately followed by Alt+ M =>Instantly minimizes all open windows.Its similar to shortcut 1 but then its good to know.

4.Windowskey+E =>Brings up the Windows Explorer.

5.Windowskey+R =>Brings up the Run box.

6.F6 => automatically highlights the URL in the address bar.

7.Alt+Tab =>Switches to previous window.If multiple windows are open, holding ALT while repeatedly hitting TAB, tabs through all open windows.

8.Ctrl+Tab =>Tabs through pages in a properties dialog box.

9.Alt+Print Screen =>Copies only the active application window to clipboard.

10.Switch to the TaskBar =>Press Ctrl-Esc at any time to bring up the Start Menu.
Once the Start Menu appears, press Esc to close the menu while keeping the Taskbar active.
Then, press Tab to switch to the row(s) of running applications on the Taskbar.

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