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Trend Micro CoolWebSearch Trojan Remover v2.19


CoolWebSearch is a name given to a wide range of different browser hijackers. Though the code is very different between variants, they are all used to redirect users to coolwebsearch.com and other sites affiliated with its operators.

The symptoms of browser hijacker if present on your computer are

- redirection to CoolWebSearch related pages
- redirection when mistyping URLs
-redirection when visiting Google
-Enormous IE browser slowdown when typing
-IE start page/search page changing on reboot
-new, unknown Sites in the IE trusted zone added automatically
-popups appearing in Google and Yahoo when searching
-Errors at startup
-Unable to access antispyware tools or sites

This tool finds and removes the CoolWebSearch (CWS) browser hijacker. Download the following file (520kb) from Trend Micro, save it on your hard disk


The file will be saved as cwshredder.exe
Double click on the file's icon to start the program
click on Scan Only.
It will check for the presence of all variants of CWS on your hard disk. If it detects any, then you can press the Fix button to remove them.

If you press Fix in the begining then it will ask your confirmation to close all IE browser, and explorer windows to continue.

You can check the checkbox that says, Move CWS files found to the recycle bin instead of deleting them, in case you are not sure if the files selected for deletion are indeed needed to be deleted.
Home Page: http://www.intermute.com/products/cwshredder.html Web: http://cwshredder.net/cwshredder/cwschronicles.html#cwshredder


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gizmobozz said...

thanx for the tip I've seen a lot of CWS, I'll give it a try.

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