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What Causes Eye Flickering?

Eye flickering is a very disturbing phenomenon and may develop just out of the blue. We begin to wonder, what causes eye flickering? The annoying part about a flicker in the eye is it’s uncontrollability. It might stay for minutes, days, weeks or months and there is a reason to wonder when it would stop?

The flickering of the eye in medical lingo is called as ocular myokymia.

What Causes Eye Flickering:

Eye flickering or eye twitching is quiet common amongst everyone.

Usually, the bottom eye lid is the one that is involved in twitching, but quiet often the top eye lid may also begin to twitch. This flickering or twitching can be very annoying.
It has been observed fatigue is the main culprit responsible for eye flickering. Eye flickering can be associated to muscle contractions of the eye lid and it is important that the causes behind this phenomenon be found out.
Eye flickering or eye twitching cause a contraction in the eye muscles and the reasons for this are:


Every person is known to face a certain amount of stress in his/her life. Eye flickering is a sign of stress and the stress can directly be related to eye strain related disorders. So it is important to relieve yourselves of stress to get rid of a flickering eye.


Improper sleep, insomnia or lack of sleep often cause twitching. It is important that you grab enough sleep.


When troubled by allergies, eyes start to itch, swell and let water out. Upon rubbing to eases the irritation, eyes release a substance called histamine into the lid tissues causing the eye to twitch. using antihistamine drops or tablets can help in such a case(doctor’s advice is necessary).


Excessive intake of hot beverages like tea and coffee and alcoholic drinks can lead to eye twitching. it is worth a try cutting down your caffeine and alcohol intake.

Dry Eyes:

People suffering from dry eye syndrome may show signs of eye twitching. It is important to see a doctor and proper medication for treating dry eyes would also help stop twitching.

Nutritional Imbalances:

Not entirely known, but a lack of Magnesium may cause eye twitching. If you are known to suffer from nutritional deficiency and you experience eye flicker, it is suggestible to see your doctor.

Most common eye twitching problems are a direct descendant of either one or mix of the above problems and it is not a serious condition to worry about. But, the problem associated with eye twitching is it’s treatment. There is no possible treatment except to find out the underlying cause and treat the cause.

There are also certain neurological conditions that can cause severe eye twitching. But, these are very rare in occurrence.

What causes eye flickering, a combination of health and lifestyle problems.

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