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How to Backup Printer Drivers and Restore Them on Another Computer

Back when I had a forum on this site someone posted a utility that allows you to back up printer drivers on one computer and restore them on another.  This utility has saved me countless amounts of time, especially when setting up new computers.  And since I don’t have the forum anymore, I felt like I needed to re-share it.  So in the following article I would like to show you how to use this great tool.
The first step is to download the Microsoft Print Migrator utility.  This utility was actually designed to backup printers on print servers but also works on desktops.  It’s also a stand-alone app so it can be ran from anywhere including your flash drive.
Microsoft Print Migrator Screenshot
Once you open the Print Migrator, click on the “File” menu and select “Backup.”  You will now choose a name and a location where you will backup your printers to. Click the “Open” button to begin the backup.

Print Migrator Screenshot
Once the printers are done backing up, you will see a message in the bottom window that says “Backup Complete.”

Now you are ready to restore the printers on another computer.
Print Migrator Screenshot
To restore them, just transfer the backup file and the Print Migrator utility to the other computer and open the Print Migrator. Then click the “File” menu and select “Restore.”  Select the backup file that you created and click “Open.”

Print Migrator Screenshot
Once the printers have been restored you will see a message at the bottom that says “Restore Complete.”
You are now ready to use your printers. Thanks again to the user TheKoz who originally shared this utility.

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