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Rs. 1 Lakh Cars Tata Nano vs. Bajaj Lite

The most awaited Rs. 1 Lakh car from Tata was unveiled at AutoExpo 2008 in New Delhi. Ever since Tata announced the launch of their Rs. 1 Lakh car (US $2500), everybody was eager to see how the car would look and what it would be like to drive that car. Well finally that curiousity is over. Tata's Rs. 1 Lakh Car is called Tata Nano. Now not only Tata but Bajaj also launched its small car (Bajaj Rs. 1 Lakh Car) Bajaj Lite.

Tata Nano Engine cost would be around Rs. 28,000 and would have around 30 to 35 hoursepower. Tata Nano will not have power steering, power windows, air-condititioning (most of the car owners go for aftermarket AC already). The instrument panel would have only speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge. No fancy trip counter or fancy temperature gauge or light indicators. The car is so small that it would have only one windshield wiper.

Tata Nano Picture

Tata Nano will have its trunk in the front. The engine would be located in the rear. Transmission would be belt-driven, contious variable. There will be no headlight levelers. Tf you want to drive Tata Nano at more than 70 km/hour speed, you will be on your own because the wheel bearings that will be used for Nano would be strong enough for only 70 km/hour. (via: NYTimes)

On the other hand, Bajaj Auto, India's largest two wheeler maker surprised everybody at the Auto Expo 2008 in New Delhi by announcing its Rs. 1 lakh car called Bajaj Lite which will be developed jointly by Bajaj & Renault-Nissan. Bajaj Lite will hit the market by 2010.

So it looks like Small cars will be India's future cars? Having Rs. 1 Lakh car would make millions of people buy it. Wouldn't that populate the currently ower crowded roads of India? Do we have good infrastucture that would manage millions of cars on the road?

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