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Disable or Enable Folder options in XP

Folder options are very important when a system is shared between users. One of the main functionality that can be changed from folder options is to view hidden or/and super hidden files and folder in Windows XP.

Imagine if you have some of your important files set as hidden and if someone else uses your system for a short amount of time, he/she can access your hidden files by enabling the 'viewing of hidden files' option from the folder options.

So, if you share your system among multiple users, it is advisable to disable the folder options in Windows XP.

The Method involved:

  • Fire up Group Policy Editor. (Start->Run->"gpedit.msc")

  • On the left, go to User Configuration.
  • Then, go to Administrative Templates.
  • Then, go to Windows Components.
  • Then, go to Windows Explorer.
  • Finally, on the right enable the option of "Remove the Folder Options menu item from the Tools Menu". (see the figure)

(click on the figure for larger view)

Note: This also disables the Folder options from the Control Panel. (see figure)

(click on the figure for larger view)


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