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Boot in safe mode WinXP

Can't get into safe mode by pressing F8 while restarting xp laptop?

When you try to reboot in safe mode on a laptop with windows xp by restarting the computer by pressing the restart button in the turn off computer menu and then pressing the F8 button, and nothing happens.

The proper way to boot in safe mode in XP using the F8 key would be when you start a computer that is shut , (if you are restarting and using F8 key, that is where it may not work !)
Therefore first shut down the computer. Then start it, and during boot process tap several times on the F8 key, and it should take you to the boot menu.

Microsoft provides a graphical option to get into safe mode, using the msconfig tool. You have to check the safeboot option to get into, and then uncheck it when you want to boot the computer normally.

Go to system configuration

You need to be logged in an administrative account to do this
Here is a menu option to reboot in safe mode.
First close all open applications.
Then click on start > run.
Type msconfig.
Press ok.
The system configuration window opens.
Locate and click on BOOT.INI tab.
Locate and check /Safeboot option in it.
Press apply.
Press close.
Then click on restart.

The computer will restart directly in safe mode.

Reboot back to normal mode

After that when you want to boot in normal mode
Uncheck /Safeboot option.
Press apply.
Press ok and
Click on restart.
The computer will restart in normal mode.

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