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Recover Your Scratched CDs

Every one has had trouble with a scratched CD. Scratched data CD can't be read properly and in case of audio CD ,the CD skips when we play it.

The first thing to do with a CD which gives a reading error, is to clean it; to check that the error is not being caused by a dirty surface. You can try cleaning the CD with a soft cotton cloth by wiping its surface . Start at the center and rub gently straight outward towards the edge. In case of a stubborn stain,you can try using warm water with some mild soap.Avoid sponges since they can scratch the CD.

A CD's data is recorded on a metal layer inside it. This metal layer is inset in a transparent plastic covering (polycarbonate) which is used to protect the CD's metal layer and to allow printing a label on the side not used for reading.

A CD-ROM drive uses a laser beam to read the metal layer. This laser beam crosses the plastic layer and reads the metal layer. If the plastic layer is scratched, the beam will be unable to pass through it as it will get deviated, resulting in a read error. The data to be read still lies in the CD, the trouble lies in the layer of plastic.

So how to repair this CD which holds your favourite Elvis Presly track?

As the CD's contents are preserved, a scratched CD can be recovered by polishing its plastic surface.
The aim is to make the laser beam reach the metal surface which holds the data, in a straight line, without any deviations and change in intensity which may otherwise arise in a scratched CD.

Try polishing your CD with a "toothpaste"(baking soda toothpaste).Polish the scratches with a cotton swab. Rub gently the paste-imbued swab over the scratches until they disappear or until you notice that you have removed them as far as possible.Do all the cleaning gently.Do not apply pressure.After clearing the scratches, wash the CD in water.Let the water evaporate by itself.Do not keep the CD in sunlight.Keep it in a cool and shady area.


If the scratches still persist try using a metal polish (Brasso) in the same way as described above. Rub Vaseline on the CD, very gently (do not press hard).Rub from the centre to the rim. Wipe excess off using clean, soft, lint-free cloth in a radial (inside to outside) motion.
Test disc again. If the Vaseline does the trick, burn a new copy of the CD immediately. The Vaseline method is only a temporary solution.

Go ahead..Enjoy your favourite Elvis Presly track

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