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Puppy 2.13

Puppy 2.13:

Puppy Linux is a LiveCD Linux distribution.

A LiveCD is an operating system (typically containing other software as well; AKA OS) stored on a bootable CD-ROM or DVD-ROM that can be executed from it, without installation onto permanent media, such as a hard drive. The system returns to its previous OS when the LiveCD is ejected and the computer is rebooted.

A Linux distribution is a Unix-like operating system comprising of the Linux kernel, the GNU operating system (or most of it), other assorted free software/open-source software, and possibly proprietary software. One famous Linux distibution which you may have heard of is called Red Hat Linux.

In short, Puppy Linux is an operating system you can use in place of Windows.

Size : 84.5 MB

Link : http://www.puppylinux.com

Download: Click Here


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